药学学报, 2016, 51(6): 853-859
韩佳寅, 易艳, 梁爱华, 张宇实, 李春英, 王连嵋, 潘辰, 赵雍. Rho/ROCK信号通路研究进展[J]. 药学学报, 2016, 51(6): 853-859.
HAN Jia-yin, YI Yan, LIANG Ai-hua, ZHANG Yu-shi, LI Chun-ying, WANG Lian-mei, PAN Chen, ZHAO Yong. Research progress of Rho/ROCK signal pathway[J]. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, 2016, 51(6): 853-859.

韩佳寅, 易艳, 梁爱华, 张宇实, 李春英, 王连嵋, 潘辰, 赵雍
中国中医科学院中药研究所, 中药鉴定与安全性检测评估北京市重点实验室, 北京 100700
Rho GTP酶(Rho GTPase)属于Ras超家族,参与细胞迁移、吞噬、收缩和黏附等活动。ROCK又称Rho激酶(Rho-associated kinase),是目前功能研究最为详细的Rho下游靶效应分子。Rho/ROCK信号通路诱导细胞骨架重组、细胞迁移和应力纤维形成,与内皮通透性、组织收缩和生长等多种生理功能有关,参与糖尿病肾病、眼疾病、肿瘤、心脏病、神经损伤性疾病、高血压、辐射损伤和白血病等疾病的发生,作为药物研发靶点越来越得到人们的关注。本文主要针对Rho/ROCK信号通路的基本生物学特征、生理学作用与疾病的相关性和作为治疗靶点的治疗方法研究等进行综述。
关键词:    Rho GTP 酶      Rho      Rho 激酶      信号通路     
Research progress of Rho/ROCK signal pathway
HAN Jia-yin, YI Yan, LIANG Ai-hua, ZHANG Yu-shi, LI Chun-ying, WANG Lian-mei, PAN Chen, ZHAO Yong
Key Laboratory of Beijing for Identification and Safety Evaluation of Chinese Medicine, Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing 100700, China
Rho GTPases belong to Ras superfamily, which is reported to involve in cell migration, phagocytosis, contraction and adhesion. ROCK (also known as Rho-associated kinase) is considered to be one of the most important downstream targets of Rho that is widely investigated. Rho/ROCK signal pathway induces cytoskeletal reorganization, cell migration and stress fiber formation, affects endothelial permeability, tissue constriction and growth, involves in diabetic nephropathy, eye disease, cancer, heart disease, nerve injury disease, hypertension, radiation injury and leukemia. As a novel drug research target, Rho/ROCK signal pathway has received more and more attention. This review provides the basic characteristics and physiological effects of Rho/ROCK signal pathway, the relationships between Rho/ROCK signal pathway and diseases, and the therapeutic methods based on the Rho/ROCK signal pathway.
Key words:    Rho GTPase    Rho    Rho-associated kinase    signal pathway   
收稿日期: 2015-10-11
DOI: 10.16438/j.0513-4870.2015-0906
基金项目: 国家科技重大专项资助项目(2015ZX09501004-003-001,2014ZX09304307001,2014ZX09201022-004);国家自然科学基金资助项目(81202993,81374057,81503349);中国中医科学院中药所基本科研业务费自主选题项目(ZZ2014023,ZXKT15031,ZXKT15013);中国中医科学院自选课题项目(Z2014063,Z2014075);中国中医科学院博士研究生创新人才培养基金资助项目(CX201508).
通讯作者: 梁爱华,Tel:86-10-84035683,E-mail:liangaihua@sina.com
Email: liangaihua@sina.com
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