药学学报, 2020, 55(2): 315-322
杨小玲, 赵思俊, 田俊生, 张斌, 王佩义, 高晓霞, 秦雪梅. 龟龄集对D-半乳糖致衰老大鼠血清代谢组学的影响[J]. 药学学报, 2020, 55(2): 315-322.
YANG Xiao-ling, ZHAO Si-jun, TIAN Jun-sheng, ZHANG Bin, WANG Pei-yi, GAO Xiao-xia, QIN Xue-mei. Effects of Guilingji on serum metabolites in D-galactose-induced aging in rats[J]. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, 2020, 55(2): 315-322.

杨小玲1, 赵思俊1,3, 田俊生1, 张斌2, 王佩义2, 高晓霞1, 秦雪梅1
1. 山西大学中医药现代研究中心, 山西 太原 030006;
2. 山西广誉远国药有限公司, 山西 太谷 030800;
3. 山西省食品药品检验所, 山西 太原 030006
基于LC-MS代谢组学的方法,研究龟龄集(Guilingji,GLJ)对D-半乳糖致衰老大鼠的自主活动的影响并探究其作用机制。采用皮下注射D-半乳糖(300 mg·kg-1)致大鼠衰老的模型,分析不同浓度龟龄集(37.5、75和150 mg·kg-1)对衰老大鼠旷场实验的影响。造模后8周对收集的血清进行LC-MS检测,分析探讨龟龄集的延缓衰老作用机制,动物实验获得山西大学伦理委员会的批准(SXULL2014032)。旷场实验表明龟龄集能显著改善衰老大鼠的自主活动能力。代谢组学分析共找到23个潜在生物标志物,主要涉及3条代谢通路,分别为原发性胆汁酸生物合成、鞘脂代谢和缬氨酸、亮氨酸和异亮氨酸的生物合成。龟龄集可以显著调节模型大鼠血清中的4种代谢物,主要回调胆汁酸合成和鞘脂代谢两条通路。龟龄集可延缓大鼠的衰老行为,该实验为龟龄集延缓衰老的潜在机制的研究提供了借鉴。
关键词:    龟龄集      延缓衰老      旷场实验      LC-MS      代谢组学     
Effects of Guilingji on serum metabolites in D-galactose-induced aging in rats
YANG Xiao-ling1, ZHAO Si-jun1,3, TIAN Jun-sheng1, ZHANG Bin2, WANG Pei-yi2, GAO Xiao-xia1, QIN Xue-mei1
1. Modern Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China;
2. Shanxi Guang Yuyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., Taigu 030800, China;
3. Shanxi Food and Drug Inspection Institute, Taiyuan 030006, China
This work investigates the effects of Guilingji (GLJ) on D-galactose-induced aging and changes in serum metabolites by UHPLC-Q exactive orbitrap-MS in rats. The rat model of aging by subcutaneous injection of D-galactose (300 mg·kg-1) was used to analyze the effect of different concentrations of GLJ (37.5, 75, 150 mg·kg-1) on an open field test in aging rats. Rat serum was collected after 8 weeks and subjected to LC-MS to analyze the anti-aging effect of GLJ. Animal experimentation was approved according to the Committee on the Ethics of Animal Experiments of Shanxi University (SXULL2014032). GLJ significantly improved the autonomous activity of rats. Compared with the control group, 23 metabolites in the treated group changed significantly, involving three main pathways. The group that was given GLJ had altered regulation of 4 serum metabolites in two pathways. Our results indicate that GLJ can delay aging behavior in rats; the mechanism of this anti-ageing effect remains to be determined.
Key words:    Guilingji    delaying senescence    open field test    LC-MS    metabolomics   
收稿日期: 2019-08-31
DOI: 10.16438/j.0513-4870.2019-0622
基金项目: 山西省科技重点研发计划(201603d3113006);山西省重点实验室项目(201605d111004);山西省科技创新重点团队(201605d131045-18).
通讯作者: 高晓霞,Tel:86-351-7019297,E-mail:gaoxiaoxia@sxu.edu.cn;秦雪梅,Tel:86-351-7011501,E-mail:qinxm@sxu.edu.cn
Email: gaoxiaoxia@sxu.edu.cn;qinxm@sxu.edu.cn
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