药学学报, 2021, 56(11): 3130-3140
王茜, 杨肖, 张倩, 李清*. 基于网络药理学的复方酸枣仁汤的药效物质筛选及其含量测定[J]. 药学学报, 2021, 56(11): 3130-3140.
WANG Qian, YANG Xiao, ZHANG Qian, LI Qing*. Screening and determination of effective components in Compound Suanzaoren Decoction based on network pharmacology[J]. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, 2021, 56(11): 3130-3140.

王茜, 杨肖, 张倩, 李清*
沈阳药科大学药学院, 辽宁 沈阳 110016
本文拟构建“化学成分-疾病靶点”网络筛选复方酸枣仁汤治疗失眠的药效物质,并建立高效、快速的方法对其进行含量测定。采用液质联用技术鉴定了复方酸枣仁汤中的103个化合物,针对其中27个潜在药效物质进行网络药理学分析,选取成分度值最大的前6个成分: 新芒果苷、芒果苷、洋川芎内酯I、斯皮诺素、6'''-阿魏酰斯皮诺素、阿魏酸作为药效物质。建立UHPLC法对药效物质进行含量测定,采用Waters CORTECS T3 (2.1 mm×150 mm,1.6 μm) 色谱柱,流动相为0.1%磷酸水-乙腈,分析方法验证结果表明所建立的方法专属性好,各成分在考察范围内线性关系良好 (r > 0.999 0),方法具有良好的灵敏度、精密度、准确度、耐用性和稳定性。结果表明该方法能够用于复方酸枣仁汤的药效物质的筛选和含量测定,为基于药效的中药质量评价提供了依据。
关键词:    复方酸枣仁汤      失眠      HPLC-Q-TOF MS/MS      网络药理学      含量测定     
Screening and determination of effective components in Compound Suanzaoren Decoction based on network pharmacology
WANG Qian, YANG Xiao, ZHANG Qian, LI Qing*
School of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang 110016, China
This article intended to build a component-target network to screen the effective components of Compound Suanzaoren Decoction, and to establish an efficient and rapid method for the determination of effective components. 103 compounds in the Compound Suanzaoren Decoction were identified by HPLC-Q-TOF MS/MS. 27 potential effective substances were analyzed by network pharmacology. The first six components with the largest degree were selected as effective components, including neomangiferin, mangiferin, ferulic acid, senkyunolide I, spinosin, and 6'''-feruloylspinosin. A UHPLC method was established for determination. The chromatographic separation was performed on a Waters CORTECS T3 column (2.1 mm×150 mm, 1.6 μm) with the mobile phase of 0.1% phosphoric acid solution and acetonitrile. The results showed that the specificity was good with no interference for the chromatographic peaks. The linear was excellent within the scope of investigation, with the values of r higher than 0.999 0 for all analytes. The method had been verified to have good sensitivity, precision, accuracy, durability and stability. Therefore, the results showed that the method established was suitable for the screening and determination of effective components in Compound Suanzaoren Decoction, which provided a basis for the quality evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine.
Key words:    Compound Suanzaoren Decoction    insomnia    HPLC-Q-TOF MS/MS    network pharmacology    determination   
收稿日期: 2021-05-18
DOI: 10.16438/j.0513-4870.2021-0723
通讯作者: 李清,Tel:86-24-43510589,E-mail:lqyxym@hotmail.com
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