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Targeting AMPK: Basic Research and Drug Discovery -- 1st Beijing International Conference November 5th-7th, 2014 Beijing, China

The 1st Beijing International Conference focuses on exciting recent discoveries in the basic research of the regulatory role of AMPK in metabolic and cardiovascular disease, and recent advances in the small molecule compound targeting AMPK for the treatment of these diseases.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together the scientists and investigators, who are at the forefront of basic research and drug discovery targeting AMPK, to learn and discuss, thereby fostering communication and collaborations. The young scientists will be also provided opportunities to present researches and exchange ideas with these pioneers.

The presenters include:

● Professor Grahame Hardie (Dundee University, UK) – separate and define AMPK for the first time and work on the enzyme for more than 20 years.

● Professor Jiandong Jiang (Peking Union Medical College, China) – illustrate the mechanism of lipid-lowering effect of Berberine, an indirect AMPK agonist.

● Professor MingHui Zou (University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, USA) – the first to demonstrate AMPK functions as a sensor and regulator of oxidative stress.

● Professor Jiawei Wu (Tsinghua University, China) – focus on the structure and the regulatory mechanism of AMPK activity by X-ray crystallization.

● Professor Shengcai Lin (Xiamen University, China) – discover Axin as a critical scaffold linking AMP to AMPK activation and mTOR suppression under starvation.

● Professor Shuai Chen (Nanjing University, China) – discover and explain the critical role of AMPK cascade in glucose and lipids metabolism.

● Professor Song Wu (Peking Union Medical College, China) – discover and synthesize a series of AMPK agonists for the treatment of metabolic disease.

● Professor Haibo Zhu (Peking Union Medical College, China) – discover and clarify the mechanism of a novel AMPK agonist for the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

The registration fees for this conference are free. The sponsor will supply tea break, lunch and meeting materials. The participants have to pay the transportation and accommodation.

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The conference is organized by Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College and sponsored by Beijing Association for Science & Technology and Beijing Pharmacology Society.

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